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Outdated bathrooms can take the quality of an entire house down. Renovating your bathroom into the spa of your dreams may cost you more than you are able to spend, but there are plenty of ways to remodel the space without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to help you get a bathroom that looks and feels better without taking out an oversized loan.

Money Saving Tip#1: Pick and Choose Parts

If you can’t afford to tear your whole bathroom apart and rebuild it, pick and choose the parts you will renovate. What bothers you the most about the bathroom? Most homeowners who renovate part of the bathroom put in a new tub and shower. This is the largest aspect of the bathroom and can have the biggest impact on the room. If you can afford more than that, you can move on to the sink and other areas. By choosing one area to remodel, you can update the room without breaking your budget.

Money Saving Tip#2: Create Your Own Vanity

Vanities can be expensive, but they are often a focal point in a bathroom, so they are important to the overall look of the room. If you like to get creative, you can find a used piece of furniture and turn it into a vanity. Grab a marble remnant to make the top and have a hole cut for a sink. You get the look you want for a cheaper cost and you get to be a creative part of the process at the same time.

Money Saving Tip#3: Shop Around

Faucet with Running WaterWhen you are working on a bathroom-remodeling project, never visit just one store and grab the fixtures you like. Instead, figure out what you want and then shop around. You can compare prices in stores, online and even on Craigslist and other such sites. Watch for sales and clearance items and find deals in order to get the style you want at a price you can afford. Online selections are much larger than in store selections and with no overhead costs, you can often find good prices and deals.

Money Saving Tip#4: Utilize Paint

Sometimes all a bathroom needs is a new coat of paint to come around to the next century. If you change the wall color to compliment the outdated colors in the fixtures, you can give them a more modern look. Use paint to make a bathroom look larger, brighter, and up to date. Painting it not only an easy thing to do yourself, but also an inexpensive way to bring a bathroom around.

Money Saving Tip#5: Buy Accessories

If you don’t have the money to do much of anything, you can at least splurge for some new accessories. Think about a new shower curtain, a different rug, a unique mirror, plush bath towels and other such items. These things can transform the look of the bathroom without doing anything drastic.

Remodeling a bathroom can significantly raise the value of a home. Whether you go all out or take small steps, any changes you make can improve the space and your happiness with the area.

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