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If you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, you might be tempted to up your kitchen’s capabilities to something more gourmet. Whether you are whipping up béchamel and beef Wellington or just sprucing up that old box of Mac and Cheese in the pantry, there are a few high-end must-have’s to add to your renovation to-do’s.

While it may add to the price tag of the overall renovation, the good news is a gourmet kitchen will boost your home’s value at the same time.

So, what will help you on your path to becoming an official gourmand?

A Walk-In Pantry is a Must

If you cannot neatly store all of those gourmet cooking oils, spices and more, then you really haven’t created a luxury kitchen. If your current kitchen is lacking space, now is the time to add a walk-in pantry – and we’re talking one that you can walk in, turn and stretch out (if you so desire). Even in smaller kitchens walk-in pantries are doable.

You could even add small appliance storage and a wine rack to make it more functional.

Solid Stone Countertops

Laminate doesn’t exactly scream gourmet – but it sure makes a germaphobe scream. Solid stone counters are durable, beautiful and easy to keep sanitary.

Quartz is by far the best option because it has little maintenance, doesn’t have the same porous surface to soak up juices, and comes in a variety of colors.

A Really Nice Dishwasher

It may not seem very gourmet to have a fancy dishwasher, but a true chef understands the importance of a dishwasher that sanitizes and is also quiet. After all, how much conversing will you be able to do when you are interrupted by clanking and sloshing from the dishwasher?

There are ultra-quiet models out there – just take a look at the decibel rating. The lower the rating, the quieter it will be. There are even some models that are quieter than a whisper and about the only time you’ll hear them working is when they drain.

Double Ovens

One oven will simply not do. You’ll be whipping up pies and a roast in the same two-hour period – and that requires at least two ovens. Double wall ovens are a popular choice for gourmet kitchens because they give you an oven that is at waist-level and can also help keep small hands out of the oven as you check on your food.

Maximize the space by adding storage below, to the side, and above your double wall ovens too.

Built-In Refrigerators

A built-in refrigerator helps the entire kitchen flow – and can even make it look like you have more space. While you might be tempted to purchase a flashy stainless steel model, a built-in has a front with similar cabinetry to the rest of your kitchen. You can even add customized storage, such as humidity-controlled vegetable bins, sealed snack pans for freshness, and an oversized subzero freezer drawer.

Oversized Sinks

With all of that cooking you’ll be doing, you’re going to need an oversized sink. An apron-front sink in enameled cast iron offers you a big, luxurious wash basin while even adding a farmhouse style look to your kitchen.


Pot Fillers

If you’ve worked in a restaurant, you know the advantage of having a pot filler. These devices are installed near your stove and let you fill large stock pots without having to cart them from the sink all the way to the stovetop.


A Professional-Grade Range

A true cook will only prepare their foods on gas ranges. While induction ranges are growing in popularity because they heat faster and directly source it to the pan, gas gives you versatility and control.

When you’re shopping for a range, look for one that has a built-in griddle and possibly even an indoor grill insert for maximum versatility.


An Oversized Kitchen Island

You need lots of work and prep space in a gourmet kitchen. While you need counters surrounding the outer edges, you also need an oversized kitchen island.

Make sure to have a few outlets on the sides installed too – so that you can run your mixer and other appliances.

Built-In Wine Fridge

Whether it is built into the oversized island or other cabinetry, a wine fridge is a must. Gourmet cooking often goes hand-in-hand with fine wines – whether they’re used in the recipe or sipped on the side. Wines require different temperatures than your perishable food items, so storing them in their own fridge means they will be chilled to just the right temperature at all times.

You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to have a gourmet kitchen. Who knows, after taking the time (and money) to create one, you just might find yourself more inspired to whip up new recipes.

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