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When it comes to kitchens, trends come and go almost as quickly as fashions. While you want something that is modern, it is important to take the latest trends and find ways to make them timeless. In fact, in 2016, more remodels are going for the timeless, classic look – which means your new remodel could last your home for quite some time.

Whether you’re doing an overhaul of your kitchen or just looking to install a backsplash that goes with today’s style, these trends are worth considering. So, without further ado, here are some of the hottest kitchen trends that will define your kitchen’s style for this year and those to come.

Colorful Cabinetry

The days of wood-stained cabinets are over. While you can still use the classic and clean look of white, more remodels are featuring splashes of color. From gray cabinets to teal and even bolder color choices, it can help break up the space and add personality.

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Afraid of going all in? Consider painting your island’s cabinets something colorful and then leave the rest white for contrast.

Convenient Cabinetry

A kitchen should be easy to cook in and keep organized. Aside from adding the usual flare (soft-close drawers and doors for example), you also want cabinets that add to the overall efficiency of your kitchen. That means more places to store stuff, innovative shelving and more ways to keep the counter tops clean at all times.

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Earth-Friendly Options

More kitchens are also becoming sustainable. That includes renewable and recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances and environmentally-safe products.

For example, food-safe bamboo countertops in natural or caramelized colors are perfect for the eco-friendly kitchen. Also, bamboo flooring is becoming a popular option for kitchens. Just make sure any products you use are food-safe, formaldehyde-free and sustainable-living ready.

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Time-Saving Appliances

These days’ people are in a hurry, which means they need appliances that are as equally pressed for time. Adding one of today’s more sophisticated appliances could actually maximize every minute you spend in the kitchen – and give you more time to socialize and enjoy what you’ve prepared.

For example, convection microwaves are growing in popularity as well as induction cooktops that heat and cook faster. Complete the set by installing a convection oven.

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Softer, More Muted Color Palettes

Thinking about repainting? Great!

According to the latest interior design surveys, more homeowners are switching back to the muted color palettes and forgoing the bright and bold colors of the past. Kitchens are now sporting lighter wood tones, whitewashes, greys, charcoals and neutral pastels. These colors not only give your kitchen a brighter, bigger look, but also allow you to play with décor and change out accessories without having to overhaul the entire room.

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Metal and Wooden Range Hoods

The days of range hoods just being part of cabinets are definitely over. These days they are considered an accessory and an opportunity to highlight your kitchen.

More remodels are showing off metal hoods – typically brushed nickel, copper and stainless steel. Other kitchens are opting for reclaimed woods that stand out and offer a raw, rustic texture.

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Open Concept

This trend has been around for a while, but now it is gaining traction. More homeowners want living spaces integrated with the kitchen, which means tearing down walls and creating one single open space for the living area, foyer and kitchen. Before you go tearing down any walls you’ll want to consult an architect and engineer, because your open concept may require some restructuring.

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Looking to Renovate Your Kitchen in 2016?

Tackle the trends of today while making your kitchen ready for the next decade with A Revitalized Bath and Kitchen. Our team of design experts take the hottest trends and turn them into reality. Whether you’re working with a small space or you have square footage to spare, we create unique, exciting kitchens that are always within budget.

Call our team today to schedule your free consultation at 619-644-3320. Got renovation questions on your mind? Fill out an online contact form with your questions and someone will be in touch shortly.

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