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Aroma essences of the holidays are one of the joys we all recognize throughout the holiday season. Whether it is cinnamon, wintergreen, or pine in the air the time of the year is certain. This awesome recipe will make your kitchen or any room in your house comfortable, fragrant, and relaxing.


If you live in Southern California chances are you have a pine tree in your neighborhood. If you can gather a couple batches of pine cones you can make gifts, and scented pine cones for your own house. You will need to stop by your local Natural Living Market to purchase a few items.

  • Essential oil of Cinnamon
  • Essential oil of Clove
  • Amber spray bottle 4oz.

From home find any tall bucket that will you can fit your pine cones in.

Fill the bucket with ¼ boiling water the rest room temp.

Soak your pine cones in the bucket for about fifteen minutes.

Use a strainer to remove pine cones from the bucket and let air dry on a cardboard surface.

The next day when they are minimally damp it will be time to infuse them. Mix all four ounces of Cinnamon and Clove oil into the amber spray bottle. Lay the pine cones on a flat sheet of cardboard. Spray each pine cone individually about 16-18 times fully around.

Once pine cones are sprayed take a blow dryer and on medium heat dry them for about 4 minutes. Now spray each one again about 8 times.

Now we are done! The pine cones are fragrant and clean ready for your favorite decor container.

You can make a couple batches to use for thoughtful homemade holiday gifts.

Add your personal favorite holiday treats, decorations, cinnamon sticks and ribbons for a festive holiday look in any room.

Simple and easy alternative is to pick up a few ready made baskets at your local craft store.

Buy the eggnog of your choice, relax in your favorite chair, slip on your comfy slippers and enjoy the holiday aroma.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.


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