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If you love going to the spa (and who doesn’t?), why not create one in your very own home?

Since homeowners consider their bathrooms their own private sanctuaries, why not make it picture-perfect?

For example, a spa-like bathroom can serve as a luxurious escape from the daily grind because bathrooms can go way beyond a place to take a shower and get ready for work.

Today, there’s all kinds of bathroom amenities that can be added to that sanctuary you call your bath. Here are some options to get you in the spa mood and ready for some good old R&R.


Color can greatly affect our outlook, as it can induce feeling and set the mood. When beginning a design, find out what colors and materials are calming to you. Maybe start with a neutral base, such as beige, adding Travertine or limestone to evoke an Old World spa feeling. Prefer a Zen-like atmosphere? Go for slate flooring or even cement. Is marble your preference?

Keep in mind that brighter colors can be added through accent tiles and accessories. The addition of wood cabinetry can also add warmth, counter-balancing the coldness of the tile, granite, etc. Be sure to add extra drawers and spaces for all your bath care needs so they aren’t sitting out on counters and visible.

Besides choosing the correct color, think about adding a whirlpool, towel warmer, or even a steam shower. These are all amenities that can turn your ordinary bath into a real retreat and one you can’t wait to get home to.

Create Calm

Also, creating a calming environment can be accomplished through strategic lighting and sound. Task lighting is often necessary, especially for the shower and mirror areas. Ambient lighting is good for relaxing in the bath, listening to music, or simply reading a book in the tub.

Sound can also soothe the soul, whether it’s a favorite song playing or the sounds of nature. A small stereo system can be incorporated or music can often be piped in through the home’s main system.

Try thinking outside of the typical bathroom, too. For example, install warming drawers or even a steam oven to steam towels. Maybe heat the flooring underneath so you don’t can’t a chill when stepping out of the shower or tub.

Don’t forget another important area of the bath; the area where you brush your teeth, and wash your hands.

Why not install a state-of-the art sink like a vessel-shaped design or perhaps a wall-mount, cast iron sink enhanced with a cascading veil of shimmering glass beads and metal detailing? Sink areas typically become the center of the bath and you want to make sure they look great since they are highly used daily.

In the end, updating and creating a bath that resembles a spa or special place will help you relax and wash away the day’s worries. Once you decide you are ready for a remodel, be sure to hire a professional to help create the perfect home sanctuary for you and your family.

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