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Move over Formica, when it comes to updating outdated kitchen countertops, why not opt for granite?

It appears that the boring days of plain-colored countertops have fallen by the wayside just like ghastly green and orange shag carpeting from the early 1970s. Yes, think granite!

Today, homeowners who are looking to put some zip into their kitchens can now do it quickly with new countertops.


According to a recent National Kitchen and Bath Association survey, Formica the material of choice for decades has now taken a back seat. Instead, granite and natural quartz are popular trends in countertops as is natural stone in an array of colors.

For a great functional space in the kitchen, a quartz countertop is a good choice, especially for an island, because it is non-porous. Perfect for food prep, durable enough to withstand messy kids, yet good looking to the eye.

Granite countertops make great additions to any home, since each piece resembles a unique work of art. Because granite is available in all sorts of colors, homeowners have tons of options to choose from. Another positive about granite is that it can be chosen to fit any decor or design scheme. Whether you have a Contemporary home or a Traditional one, granite can easily fit right in.

Granite is also very durable and resists heat. This makes it great for kneading dough, rolling out a batch of cookies, and other tough cooking asks that need a cool countertop for best results. You really can’t go wrong with a granite countertop in your kitchen thanks to its flexibility and strong appearance.


Add a cool backsplash and you’ve got a kitchen your neighbors will die for.

Another way to add some pizzazz to the kitchen is to accent kitchen walls with a customized backsplash by mixing-and-matching colorful tiles into a one-of-a-kind design. This accent will become a focal point of the kitchen and make it standout from the rest on the block.

Granite is easy to care for, too, and always looks bright and clean. All that’s needed to keep your granite countertops looking spiffy is simple soap and water. Using regular cleaning chemicals on your countertop will strip the seal and leave the porous surface of the granite exposed. Don’t ever use acidic products as they could permanently damage your granite countertops.

So, just when you thought it would be difficult to change the look of your kitchen or any other area where you are tired of your countertops, it’s become a breeze with granite. Be sure to work directly with an expert when renovating or revamping your kitchen, a place where the family and close friends gather most.

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