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Not everyone likes the look of wood or tiles when it comes to flooring.

And that’s OK since everyone has their own opinion, right? In fact, many homeowners still like the look and feel of carpet.
According to designers and carpet manufacturers, homeowners are ultimately trying to make a style statement all their own with carpeting like never before.

Carpet rolls

Carpet rolls

Hot Colors

One of the easiest ways to put some warmth into a room is by choosing a carpet with great color. Designers say that there are so many that it’s hard to choose just one color that works in today’s home. For instance, chocolate brown is still going strong and is done in almost every color combination — from pairing it with blues to even greens.

It is true that carpet selection can be a challenge. But keep in mind carpet is the foundation of a room, and it is important to know what to look for when making a selection that will be timeless and beautiful.

Fortunately, today’s carpet meets these criteria by offering comfort, durability and style; all of which you will want to bear in mind when choosing a carpet.

The first step to choosing a quality carpet is to determine the type of carpet a certain area will need.

Choose Right

Consider how you use the space before choosing carpet. Rooms with heavy traffic should have durable carpet constructed of lower level piles to keep the appearance of tracking at bay. If you spend a majority of your time shoeless in that room or have small kids that will be on the floor, opt for carpet with comfort in mind.

Young woman laying on the carpet

Young woman laying on the carpet

Carpet manufacturers also say homeowners should select a carpet that can recover from spills or soil stains. When considering style, companies suggest that homeowners select a timeless design that reflects their personal style and the décor of the room.

Before buying carpet, it is also important to simulate your carpet choices in a room. Take the time to look at color and style samples in your home under natural and artificial lighting, as well as near the furnishings you plan to purchase or already have. Then, choose a color that inspires you.

More Buying Tips

Additional tips for choosing carpet suggested by STAINMASTER® Carpet:

  1. TWIST. The tighter it is, the more a carpet resists crushing, matting and texture changes.
  2. CONSTRUCTION. There has been an explosion of new styles and fashion in carpet. Don’t be content to only look at textures. Ask to see stylish construction types such as loop and level cut.
  3. FIBER. The tight molecular structure of type 6, nylon bulked continuous fiber resists stains and is strong enough to stand up to heavy traffic.
  4. STAIN AND SOIL PROTECTION. Not all stain and soil protection is the same. Select a brand you can trust. Look for both a stain and soil warranty.
  5. ANTI-STATIC. Lifetime anti-static is important for your comfort.

There is no doubt that choices in carpeting have evolved and as a result of newer technology, there is more to choose from. So why settle for old shag carpet of yesteryear?
Happy carpet hunting!

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