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Cozy Christmas arrangement with beautiful wooden ornaments on snow in the warm candlelight of a nice lantern, low-key studio shot

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or Chanukah, it’s probably a given that you decorate your home. Maybe it’s a big pine tree adorned with ornaments passed down from a great-aunt or a family menorah keepsake made of Sterling Silver.

Whatever you decide, decorating your home is one of the best ways to get geared up for the holiday season ¾ that special time of year that brings families and friends together.

A great way to kick-off the holiday decorating experience is to consider remodeling kitchens, baths and/or any other rooms that need a facelift. Once you have the work completed, you can add all of the bells and whistles from colorful holiday lights to scented candles. Truly, it’s no secret that most people decorate their homes around the holidays to create a festive atmosphere.

Adding Holiday Cheer

Whether you want to go all out or stay more traditional it still decorating creates a certain spirit within the home environment. If your home is elegant and sophisticated, than go big with lots of sparkle incorporated into your holiday decorations.  If your home is more traditional, opt for a theme that brings out the natural feel, free of opulence.  If you have one tree in the foyer /formal living space area of your home, as well as a family room tree than think about making the family room tree a children’s tree.

Above view of thanksgiving dinner and family eating at table

After all, the season brings many things to mind – everything from parties to holiday gifts, to eggnog and the Christmas goose.  Decorations are instrumental in creating the festive environment – it sets the scene for celebration and time to bond, rejoice.

From making time to handcraft your own decorations to standing in long lines at the mall, people do what it takes year-after-year. Of course, there is no right or wrong, when holiday decorating comes around, —just what you — the homeowner wants is key.

Try Beads, Candles

For overall decorating why not consider beading? Flip through home decorating mags and you’ll see everything from beaded toss pillows to table placemats.  Of course, beads are also great for tree decorating – add them to long strands of garland, handmade bead embellished ornaments, and more. Unusual color combinations are also an option like jewel toned hues or warm and cool combinations.

Other holiday décor options include placing candles throughout the home, fresh cedar, holly, berries or even mistletoe. Once the holidays are over, it can all go into the compost pile for recycling. Go ahead and bake yummy gingerbreads cookies to add that holiday aroma to your home since scent is so important.

Christmas decoration with candles

Speaking of scents, try making your own scented candles by simply boiling some water with herbs or spices in them. Cinnamon is always a favorite and will make your home feel like your grandma’s.

By using your imagination and thinking outside of the box, you’re creating new traditions for holiday decorating for years to come. So, get busy and start thinking about remodeling that room that is well past holidays of years gone by or at least begin planning your holiday decorating! It’s a safe bet those holiday songs will be playing overhead soon!

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