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It’s a call that has taken you by surprise: Aunt Alice says she and Uncle Henry (and their dog Sadie) are coming to visit for Thanksgiving. And, to make matters worse, they might even stay through the entire holiday season.

Your first thought besides the obvious is that your kitchen and bathrooms are looking a little shabby these days. The last time the kitchen had a revamp was well … and your guest bathroom is definitely looking a little outdated with its original cabinets, dull tiles and a bathtub that has seen better days.

It’s a fact: Welcomed guests, unexpected guests, plenty of food, and providing entertainment … All potential factors when opening your front door for the big Thanksgiving Day get-together. And when you do, wouldn’t you rather have your guests, friends and relatives be awed by what they see – in a good way that is?

Yep, it’s a great time to think about remodeling. Even if it’s a little nip here and there or a major overhaul, late summer and end of September at the latest is the time to start the ball rolling.

TIP: Make sure you select a contractor by the end of September to make sure your kitchen or bath is ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sure, we know that getting your home ready for Thanksgiving can be time consuming and your nerves can get frazzled during a time that is supposed to be reserved for family, memories and joy. After all, you’re buried in making sure the turkey is cooked to perfection, and the yams don’t get overdone right? Oh, and don’t forget the marshmallows on top! But do remember, Thanksgiving is about just that — giving thanks.

So, don’t fret and get yourself in a tizzy; your house can look divine just in time for Turkey Day when those ‘surprise’ guests arrive as long as you schedule now to get rooms updated. Since the kitchen is perhaps the most popular gathering spot, think spanking new cupboards, convenient pull-out drawers, sleek countertops, and wood or tile flooring — any of these can make a huge difference.

Also, be sure that guest bathrooms are looking fine with new stylish sinks, tubs to luxuriate in, newer wood cupboards that are in vogue and adorned with trendy hardware.

Just think you might give Aunt Alice and Uncle Henry their own surprise with your latest and greatest new digs. Keep in mind though, remodeling, renovating, or whatever you want to dub it, does take time. But if you act now and well before the call comes from Aunt Alice, the work can start and be completed in time for her to ‘ooh and ahh’ over your renovations.

Besides, you certainly don’t want to have things in an uproar with unfinished construction in plain view when the family sits around the Thanksgiving table. Acting early is the key to having brand new guest bathrooms to show off, as well as a grand kitchen to cook that big bird in before the Thanksgiving guests arrive.

You will be able to relax and enjoy all the festivities with a big smile knowing you acted beforehand!

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