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If your walls could speak, they might just scream ‘Help!’ In other words, are your white or eggshell-colored walls just plain boring?

With a vast array of products available today, you, the homeowner, can create more interesting and intriguing color effects or, hire an expert to assist. There is no reason why your walls – or you – should suffer from the mundane.

Paints and Glazes


One new wall option is updating with the use of paints and glazes to create walls that sing. There’s everything from sponging and ragging techniques to creating fabulous faux finishes to help bring your home into the future.

Some of the hottest trends to date are through the use of glazes and dragging tools. There are rollers that create the texture and the glaze to do the heavy work. Also available are pearl-like glazes to create Old World looks on furniture or accessories through the use of crackle paints and varnishes. Give walls an aged appearance with stucco antico ¾ a Venetian plaster; that is tinted to the color of choice and rolled right onto the walls. This stucco can be left natural for a rustic look or polished for a more sophisticated environment.

From sponging to ragging and rolling, the use of glazes and texturizing tools has evolved. Try using feather dusters to create a soft clouding look or combs, too, can be used to mimic denim. Most decorating centers and Do-It-Yourself stores have easy-to-follow pamphlets offering step-by-step instructions.

How Color Changes Appearances

Luxury room

purple wall

Remember, a fresh color can update a room, hide a fault, or make a small space seem more open. Choose one of today’s soft new colors such as a brilliant blue, amazing aqua, or pale lavender, to transform a room’s interior.

Overall, color directions now are fresh and clean. Don’t use more than three colors per room and take care to select colors that work together throughout the entire house. Convey a relaxed atmosphere by selecting warm colors including lemon yellow, coral and even orange. Warmer colors create a cozy atmosphere and blend nicely with neutral or natural shades. Cool shades of blue, green and purple are considered restful. Try using cool colors in a sunny room or where brightness and glare needs to be toned down.

What’s the Right Choice?

Choosing the right wall paint color depends on personal taste, the amount of natural light, artificial light, flooring colors, and furniture colors. Keep your interior trim color simple and the same throughout your home. Unify your trim and ceiling by painting them the same color. Though this effect is subtle, it keeps all of your rooms related to each other. For mouldings, trimmings, and doors, ask the paint store to mix a blend of your color choice cut with white. A common formula for this is one-part color to three-parts white.

In the end, it’s up to you what color and texture you want to use to liven up the walls in your home. Have fun, use your imagination and wear something old when you pick up that paintbrush, roller or, whatever to give life to those boring white walls. ­

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